Power Over People

tumblr_nlh7ayVjju1tpar8to1_1280The need for power displayed in house of cards drives many people to do things they thought they never would. Many roads to this are passed on by other people’s aspirations and fears driven by old hatreds. Frank and Remy show the pursuit of such power can lead you down many paths that many could not survive since it’s roads are filled with potholes and layered by ditches. I have found that paying the price for your dream is not what most people are ready to do even though they say its what they want. The title of the unconquerable men is nest defined by Frank Underwood is a man that shall go down in history as a victorious hero of his story. The government remembers him to be one of the first extraordinary house whip to be lost in the ensuing war for power. But the strive for it is how I recognize him as a victory and playing the game is what was a pivotal a key role in decimating the common enemies first line of defense leading to a greater chance of success. One thing that always gets me is how no one has a car they just take tax cabs everywhere though they are in Washington but still the tow truck service must be in high demand since the vast populace. This story teaches me that no matter how your raised or what you’re taught despite all the sins of past transgressions you can choose to be a winner at the end of your tale. We don’t get the full idea of diverging goals and the betrayal done against those who they are, leading themselves to stray from the path they have made in a pain of growth gained through struggling. The ensuing battle determines what will become of the future, for what comes next is the truest form of uncertainty we all must face in the coming future to reach our goals. Both of these men are leaders, warriors, philosophers, lovers and saviors, but only one can be chosen to be a shifting effect in a tidal wave of chaos. Later we see people realize the success they want to achieve was always attainable and through finding out that they needed nothing extra to do so is the deciding factor. Others like the former president and Congress members find a thrilling pursuit of success distasteful if it’s done correctly. To me, this says everything about these days if a guy or gal fights for what is theirs they get called brutish and uneducated on what needs to get done even though they have already proven themselves.