The way certain people are used in the show classifies them in their perspective usefulness creating a new type of manipulation that could represent the various world governments idea of what politics should be. In different scenario displayed in house of cards, we see people like Frank Underwood force results based more personal opinions that are made real by bribery or threats with the rare true bit of diplomacy. The race for the new Vice President is a perfect example of this since its current placeholder is the former governor of Pennsylvania who at the moment suits no purpose. ¬†Following the election race for the seat of Governor of Pennsylvania, we see a plot unravel it is to be in acted for a more malleable governor like Russo who is a known drug addicted politician tries to take the seat for Franks new parliament refurnishing. Underwood encourages Russo to get clean with support following his candidacy, but unforeseen circumstances force Frank to change his position on his usefulness leading to the call of an escort girl named Rachel Posner to tear his sobriety apart and trigger his ruin. He had done this like he was the best junk removal service in town leaving nothing behind to be found, in its wake.Quickly before the vote, we see Doug move like the queen of Franks chess games pulling the strings by Russo’s being drunk during performing in a radio interview. Troubled, Russo decides to make restitutions for his collapse by coming clean to the press regarding his role in Underwood’s plots. In response, Frank murders Russo by neglecting him passed out in a closed garage with Russo’s car running, asphyxiating him. Following that example, we see other people who choose certain integrates to wave into the chaos, disturbing Underwood aims for vice presidency to climb skyward furthermore running from his old failures. Zoe is the main one of many important pawns for this job of shifting views into a more pleasant light by releasing the more dangerous information not accessible unless to Underwood into the media. as was his plan all along. Another Character on this show Frank Underwood is the most attached to is Remy the most refreshing person on this show today since his ability to make light of different things while making the best decisions for himself. What you ever tasted is a true attribute of winning is something Frank tries to explain to all those who take part in his plan. The neighbour hood is in reminds me of what America truly is not the nice beautiful places where the rich come and present theirselfs as more important but people in life trying to get it. Missouri billionaire Raymond Tusk would be another example of this since he played the game with frank more then anyone else has ever done and almost won.