Frank Is Power

Frank Underwood is the most interesting character on TV today since his ability to size up situations to see the point of most profit taking away what others have in the cabinet. Underwood is the Democratic Majority Whip in the House of Representatives, representing the South Carolina’s 5th congressional district all the way back to the 1990s. The real battle began when Frank stays denied his promotion; Underwood is bummed aside for the appointment of United States Secretary of State even though a deal was struck promising him the position after delivering on his end which entailed manipulating the election for president, so the Governor Colorado Garrett Walker becomes President. Walker’s Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez decides to inform Frank of this new deal where he gets nothing and has to be happy about it, but the cherry on top of that is how they try to sway him with tickets to the United States presidential inauguration. Usually, people in this situation would fall apart but with the assistance of Claire Underwood, and his foremost minion Doug Stamper, Underwood uses his position as House Whip to seek retribution. He quickly allies with Washington Herald reporter Zoe Barnes, whom he uses to undermine his rivals via the press.
Frank helps certain people relocate to higher positions of power so they can kill Walkers career before he joins the devil that is billion dollar blasphemers on the campaign of destruction. Also acquiring the scythe of truth used by the many people to take pathetic individuals and polishing their rubbish ideas, so real logical decisions are made mostly in his favor. Following the events during the election Underwood approaches different congress reps with a proposal after figuring that their continued survival was at risk as long as Garret decides to make more questionable decisions deterring ambitions. He suggests they join forces to and resources to repurpose democratic moves hence a more untapped source of monster resolution not used since origin began to be useful in appropriation. Most have obvious objections with this alliance since to trust Franks, is to trust the King of Hell but standing against everything they believe in no problem for real power. He eventually brings the wavering angel around to his side by stating the facts the levels of need to stand opposed to the leader and opposition would need to be substantial. So he reveals his plan to plunder the votes from the different factions in the majority. Like a boss never second guessing and path he takes which truly shows his conviction.