Man Behind The Curtain

Doug is the most dependable guy you could have on your team for any reason, his diligence in completing tasks promptly is unrivalled by any other chief of staff in the congression house. In Frank Underwoods world he is the most trusted person in every design to be made his ability to turn unfavorable situations towards better outcome creating more profit intake. One of the ways Doug uses his +skills is making the Escort, who got arrested with Russo, so others have no idea of this scandalous behaviour in the cabinet. Underwood is the Democratic Majority Whip in the House of Representatives, But we must remember that all of the moves are made for the South Carolina’s 5th congressional district all the way back to the 1990s had a lot of Doug’s influence.The real battle began when Frank is denied the promotion; Underwood is bummed aside for the appointment of United States Secretary of State even though a deal was struck now starts the dirty work of a no name man with him at your back the position. After delivering none stop victories in his endeavours which used the information to manipulate the promotions of select people to the right places like vice president or the leader of the different sections of the Democratic party. So the each move did like passing bill always needs a helping hand because ceratin people would deny things due to political views saturate in hypocrisy. Walker’s Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez decides to inform Frank of new deal where he could lead to more exciting outcomes out of nothing, and is to be happy to tell Doug to get to work.But the blooming proceedings tip off; that is how he tries to sway him with temptations and truths to bend their ideals a bit in official proceedings. Usually, people in this situation would fall apart but with the assistance of other minions they just fell into the pied piper’s flute. And his main minion mission gets distracted by a girl Underwood tells him to get rid off I understand why his position changed when in the House from Cane to try failing to complete tasks or worse not being there.