Edward Meechum

Edward Meechum was Frank Underwood’s bodyguard. He was selected as an interim replacement to guard Frank and Claire Underwood after Steve grew ill. Steve was next diagnosed with cancer and ultimately faded, and Meechum was made perpetual. When a brick, projected by Doug Stamper, landed in the Underwood’s house, he became discharged for shooting a gun in the open street. After speaking with Meechum’s boss, Frank got him re-hired. He proved himself valuable for Frank after explaining that one of his friends could find most people. Also, due to Frank updating the terms and conditions of his employment, that Meechum is “a rock” who “absorbs nothing”, Meechum demonstrates his undying loyalty by complying (and his status as being in Frank’s debt). Because of this, Frank wanted to keep him as the bodyguard, after his nomination for vice president, the unorthodox call having Meechum cross-trained/promoted to Secret Service, services moving timely up. Claire Underwood encouraged Meechum into the house for coffee and while he was inside a vandal threw a brick into the Underwood residence. Meechum ran outdoors to try and catch the delinquent. When Meechum saw him running away, he fired one shot at the offender. Meechum came under fire for the event, and it was assumed he would lose his job because he fired his gun in a residential area. Meechum then begged to Frank Underwood to help him save his job. Frank chooses to call Meechum’s boss, Cardiff, to keep Meechum’s job. Frank’s rationalizing was that it demanded so little of him to do anything so big for Meechum. Meechum continues his duty with Frank’s detail. Come to find out it was Stamper who threw the brick as per Frank’s command to lure the teacher’s union into a deal. In Season 3, Meechum eavesdropped a discussion between Frank and writer Thomas Yates. Meechum speculated that Yates would probably use this chance to harm Frank’s rep. As he accompanies Yates out the White House, Meechum takes real resentment against Yates and perhaps frightens him if he tries to hurt Frank’s reputation. Meechum’s loyalty to the Underwoods is apparent. Even being shown when in Season 4, Frank removes a portrait from the wall and asks Meechum what he should put instead, Meechum responds with “I don’t know. Anything you like better.” Frank advises him to give him a marker and put his hand on the surface where he traces Meechum’s hand onto the wall of the White House.