In 2012, Walker was elected amidst 70 million tallies and sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, beating the Republican nominee, retired Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, collecting 52.9 percent to Romney’s 47.2 percent of this general vote. While leading the Obama states from 2008 (as well as swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada), he lost Indiana and North Carolina. ¬†Following his election to the administration, Walker abdicated as Colorado’s 41st Governor in December 2012 to focus on his change as President. Lieutenant Governor John Hickenlooper (who previously served as Mayor of Denver, Colorado) ascended to the governorship to serve out the remainder of Walker’s term and was elected to a full period of four years in the 2014 elections. While Underwood was stating some of his plans for Secretary of State, he was notified by Linda Vasquez that President Walker had passed him over for the job, snubbing him and violating a commitment to him, which infuriated him. Not understanding that keeping clean carpets is very important during your rain of power, especially if you depend on individuals to help you keep it.Underwood started plotting with his wife to seek retribution on President Walker and Linda shortly after. Later we see people realize the success they want to achieve was always attainable and through finding out that they needed nothing extra to do so is the deciding factor. Others like the former president and Congress members find a thrilling pursuit of success distasteful if it’s done correctly. To me, this says everything about these days if a guy or gal fights for what is theirs they get called brutish and uneducated on what needs to get done even though they have already proven themselves. Frank is no exception even if he has always kept his word over the last 20 years in congress.After being vetted, with the endorsement and in the presence of Tusk, President Walker formally offered Frank Underwood the Vice Presidency, to which Underwood immediately accepted. Underwood was soon sworn into position and begin a working alliance with President Walker and Tusk.On October 30, 2014, after the efforts to continue to his office, President Walker was faced with an 8% approval rating and the inevitability of impeachment. With this, he elected to resign his office of President and let Frank become the 46th President of the United States. After Garrett’s resignation, Frank was sworn in as Walker and his wife left the stage, to begin their lives as private citizens.